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NEW CAMPAIGN: Methane Science Accord

Groundswell NZ

Methane Tax will devastate New Zealand


  • Government and industry modelling says production from sheep and beef farms will drop 20% with the taxing proposal. That is equal to 1 in 5 farmers gone. Dairy will be down 6%. It’s economic suicide for provincial New Zealand.
  • Government’s own source of climate truth (the IPCC) say they have overstated methane’s warming effect by 300% - 400%. We demand truth and justice.
  • Our Government signed the Paris Accord which says any climate mitigation policies must “not threaten food production”. Taxing and associated rules, measurements, targets, contravenes that.
  • We demand the government uses the latest science to determine the actual warming effect that ruminant methane has on climate.
  • Over 200,000 farmland hectares now replaced by subsidised pine trees. How many more communities will be devastated?
  • None of our trading partners are imposing these taxes on their food producers. A tax makes us uncompetitive and lowers everyone’s standard of living.

Do you agree? We need your help. This is about numbers to influence politicians. We want as many of you as possible to join this Accord. Even if you already belong to Groundswell, FARM, 50 Shades of Green or R.A.N. we need you to come on board the Accord.

Please go to and hit the RED button. It is urgent.

We know a huge majority of New Zealanders think just like us so now is the time to stand together – we want at least 500,000 names on this. Numbers count. Please donate if you are able: 02 0400 0231211 000 or use the DONATE button. The task is huge but we are determined to make an impact.



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