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PR: Statement on claims Groundswell NZ is joining convoy protest

Bryce McKenzie


In response to incorrect claims that Groundswell NZ is coming to Wellington to participate in the protest, the following statement can be attributed to Groundswell NZ spokesperson Bryce McKenzie.

In recent days Groundswell NZ has been pulled in all directions over the protests currently in Wellington.

In response to suggestions that Groundswell NZ are going to Wellington – we can assure you this is not happening.

While we can sympathise with the anti-mandate protesters’ frustrations over the Government’s antagonism and lack of response, people must respect that we are an organisation for our rural community, advocating predominately on rural issues. As tempting as it is to line up in support of other causes, we need to stay focused on our core mission.

When Laurie and I established Groundswell NZ, it was in response to the unworkable regulations placed on hard-working Kiwi farmers. Although we have sympathy with those questioning mandates, it is not something Groundswell NZ is going to get involved in at this stage.

I know many Groundswell NZ members are against mandates. Others aren’t. And that is OK. We come together and fight for what we all agree on – the over-regulation and arrogance from the Government.

As an organisation, we’re tackling rural issues and don’t want to take away from our core mission – focusing on holding this government to account on unworkable regulations.

As farmers, we know first-hand how divisive this Government can be. We understand the frustration that many New Zealanders are feeling.

Behind the scenes, we are planning the next stages of what is going to be a sustained campaign to push back on unworkable regulations impeding rural New Zealand. I hope you’ll join our fight for rural communities and our way of life.

Watch this space and thank you for your support.

Bryce McKenzie, Groundswell NZ

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