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The Land Grab Is Already Here

Bryce, Laurie, Mel and the team at Groundswell NZ

On the West Coast, over 1,500 property owners have received letters from a local authority informing them that their properties are now subject to restrictions on development, without consultation or compensation.

Thousands of supporters used our website to tell the Government to stop the land grab under the proposed SNAs and the NPSIB.

But on the West Coast, the land grab is already underway under a different framework.

The district councils on the West Coast have established a new entity to develop a combined district plan for the whole West Coast, called the Te Tai o Poutini Plan (TTPP).

The district plan is currently out for consultation, except for the restrictions that are coming into force immediately, without any prior notice, affecting land with features relating to:

  • Historic Heritage
  • Sites and Areas of Significance to Maori
  • Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity
  • Natural Character and the Margins of Water
  • Activities on the Surface of Water
  • Designations

Like with SNAs, these restrictions are turning any land that has cultural, historic, or natural value into a liability.

Who would want any of these on their land, if councils can arbitrarily restrict your use of it as you watch the land value fritter away as a result?

Groundswell NZ is calling for the West Coast councils to immediately withdraw the TTPP, respect property rights, and focus on supporting their communities to care for their environmental, historical, and cultural features.

The raft of ill-conceived and unworkable regulations coming at productive New Zealanders is causing considerable stress and anxiety for the countless people caught up in the Government’s new requirements for local councils.

Your region could be next. With the breakneck pace of local and central government assaults on New Zealanders’ property rights continuing unabated, it will be next.

Only Groundswell NZ is standing up for you and your property rights and we're already pushing this issue into the media.

Supporters like you enable us to take the message out to the public and force the Government to back down, as it did with some of the most unworkable winter grazing regulations.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,
Bryce, Laurie, Mel and the team at Groundswell NZ.

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