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Time For Farmers To Have Their Say

Bryce, Laurie, Mel and the Team at Groundswell NZ

This is a quick update for levy-paying farmers to let you know how the candidates for the Beef+Lamb NZ Director elections responded to our questions.

Beef+Lamb candidates Q&A
Groundswell NZ sent 14 questions to the six candidates for the two roles.

We hope the answers will help farmers make an informed vote. Click here for the full Question & Answer document.

Even if you don’t have a candidate up for election in your area, you can still vote on the seven Farmer Remits (potential changes to Beef+Lamb NZ rules and constitution).

Every vote matters in pushing our industry bodies to stand up for their farmers

Right Tree, Right Place

Did you see this story we shared on facebook? With the sad situation New Zealand farming has been put in, the only option for some is to just sell the farm.

Of course, we don't blame the farmer, we blame the system. The Government's incessant new rules and regulations are pushing farmers out of the industry.

Some of the heartbreaking lines from the article:“...finally able to come up for air after years of physical, mental and emotional struggle”.

“The ongoing stream of legislative and regulation changes have added fuel to the family’s decision to sell”.

This is just sad. It's clearer than ever that we need to keep standing up to anti-farming unworkable regulations - before it’s too late.

Groundswell NZ will continue to fight unworkable regulations and restore New Zealand's pride in farming: our rural communities depend on it.

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